CoffeeHouse is a quick and fast coffee-ordering app for customers of the CoffeeHouse brand. In this project, our aim was to develop a coffee-ordering app that feels both familiar and refreshing, all while maintaining an inviting and enjoyable user experience, offering features like location-based ordering, fast checkout, rewards, and easy wallet management.






September 30, 2023


In this project, our objective was to create a coffee-ordering app that strikes a balance between familiarity and freshness, offering advanced ordering, in-store options, a rewards system, and user-friendly order tracking. To achieve this, we relied on qualitative research methods, including a kickoff meeting, competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews, and a pivotal step – crafting persona hypotheses. It all began with us asking some fundamental questions:

Who are our main customers?
What is the most crucial need for our primary users?
Who are the most cricial users for the business?
What challenges could we face moving forward?
Who do we see as our biggest competitors?

We dove into our usability studies and discovered they provided us with the most valuable insights. From there, we took all that rich data and organized it into task groups using an affinity diagram. We then took it a step further by breaking down these tasks into high-level goals, with a focus on enhancing efficiency, refining processes, and deepening the user experience. By gaining insights into the preferences and pain points of our various user groups, we were able to pinpoint user goals and understand how aligning them could also advance our business objectives.

Meet the Users

Our first user, Tamira.
Our first user, Tamira.

Name: Tamira

Age: 22

Occupation: Business Intern

Tamira is a 22 year old business intern for a large firm in Chicago, IL. She makes and picks up large coffee orders for herself and up to 12 coworkers on her way to work every day. She has a tight schedule so convenience and quick pickup is key.

Our second user, Matt.
Our second user, Matt.

Name: Matt

Age: 31

Occupation: Cyber Security Professional

Matt is a mid-level cybersecurity professional from San Francisco who lives with his husband and dog. His remote job allows him to work from anywhere, and sometimes he likes to go to the local CoffeeHouse for a change of scenery during his workday.

Competitive Analysis

We examined various potential competitors and carried out a thorough competitive analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of players in the coffee-buying market. CoffeeHouse has a unique chance to leverage this information by offering a comprehensive, one-stop shop experience that brings together products from different coffee companies, all while ensuring a streamlined and enjoyable coffee-buying experience for our users.

While most of the features among our competitors were quite similar, the primary distinctions we observed were:

  • Familiar vs Unfamiliar Coffee-Buying User Flow
  • Easily Accessible vs Hardly Accessible
  • Crowded vs Minimalistic Interfaces
  • Location-based Ordering vs No Ability
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Preparing the Journey

We created a user journey that spans the entire coffee-buying process, from start to finish. This approach allows us to gain insight into how users might engage with our product and provides a clear view of their path toward achieving their goals.

Next, we translated our concepts into paper wireframe sketches. This initial step helped us visualize the early stages of app design.

We then transitioned from paper wireframes to digital ones using Figma, which enabled us to transform our initial concepts into low-fidelity digital wireframes. This is where we began to outline the initial user flows.


Once we had our prototype made using basic wireframes, we got together with 5 different people and had them try out various scenarios in the prototype. The goal was to collect valuable feedback that we can use for the next round of design improvements.

1. No ability to save repeat orders.

For users who consistently place the same sizable coffee orders daily, they expressed a desire to have the option to save their orders for quick selection during their next purchase.

2. Unable to schedule advanced orders.

Users pointed out that they were only able to place orders for immediate pickup, with no option to schedule orders for future times.

3. Unable to search additional locations.

Users found that their shop selection was restricted to their current location and expressed a desire for the ability to search for additional stores.

Challenge 1

No ability to save repeat orders.

When you're pressed for time, especially when making large and recurring orders, having the option to save your favorite drinks is a game-changer. To streamline the ordering process, we introduced the capability to save favorite drinks and conveniently select them during the ordering process.

Challenge 2

Unable to schedule advanced orders.

Scheduling orders with a specific pickup time is essential for users with busy schedules, particularly when placing large orders. To address this need, we incorporated the option to set your pickup time seamlessly within the checkout process.

Challenge 3

Unable to search additional locations.

When you need to be in a specific area, being able to search for CoffeeHouse locations beyond just the ones nearby can be incredibly important. To enhance the coffee-buying experience, we introduced the capability to search for a specific CoffeeHouse where you'd like to pick up your order, providing you with even more convenience.

Style Guide

We selected a vibrant yet soothing color scheme for CoffeeHouse to evoke a feeling of freshness and motivation, perfect for starting the day. Our objective was to create a warm and inviting coffee-buying atmosphere, ensuring that users feel comfortable and inspired. The logo is crafted to radiate a friendly and youthful vibe, inviting users to enjoy a delightful coffee experience

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Coffee is an essential part of many people's daily routines, and providing coffee enthusiasts with a convenient and efficient way to purchase their favorite brew is of utmost importance. The CoffeeHouse project represents my endeavor to craft a user-friendly yet innovative experience for coffee lovers of all ages. This entire journey has been a valuable learning experience in UX design, and I'm eager to apply the insights gained here to future projects. The concept of creating user personas, identifying challenges, and devising solutions and incorporating them into the design is undoubtedly a worthwhile approach that benefits not only the end-users but also the business.