beatSeat is a groundbreaking concert ticket app that revolutionizes ticket buying. It offers instant purchasing, seat previews during checkout, and location-based event discovery, combining features previously unavailable in one app.






September 30, 2023


In this project, we wanted to design an all-new app for buying concert tickets that allows for a quick expedited checkout process, instant ticket viewing, and easy to use location based event viewing. We found qualitative research methods to be the most useful, consisting of a kickoff meeting, competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews, and most important our persona hypothesis construction. We started out by asking ourselves some initial key questions:

What is the product and who is it for?
What do our primary users need most?
Which users are the most important to the business?
What challenges could we face moving forward?
Who do we see as our biggest competitors?

We really dug into our usability studies and found that they gave us the best insights. From there, we took all that data and organized it into different groups of tasks using an affinity diagram. We went even further by breaking those tasks down into high-level goals, looking to improve efficiency, processes, and depth. By understanding what our different user groups liked and didn't like, we were able to zero in on shaping user goals and how that could also benefit our business goals.

Meet the Users

Our first user, Kai.
Our first user, Kai.

Name: Kai

Age: 31

Occupation: Cyber Security

Kai is a 31 year old cyber security professional for a large firm in Chicago, IL. He attends concerts of all kinds regularly. Quick and easy access to his concert tickets from his phone makes is super convenient to get into shows painlessly, especially since he often buys tickets last minute. He doesn’t care about where he sits, he just wants to be there.

Our second user, Matt.
Our second user, Matt.

Name: Matt

Age: 48

Occupation: Business Administration

Matt is a 48 year old business administration professional from San Francisco who lives alone and goes to concerts with friends. He always buys concerts tickets the moment they go on sale so he can get the best views, regardless of cost.

Competitive Analysis

We did some research and checked out a bunch of other companies that could be our competition. We ran a competitive analysis to figure out what those companies are good at and where they might be lacking in the concert ticket buying market. We see a chance for beatSeat to shine by taking the best parts from each of those companies and putting them together in one place. The idea is to give users a one-stop shop for tickets without overwhelming them with choices.

The majority of the features between competitors were very similar, however the main differences that we noticed were:

  • Familiar vs Unfamiliar Ticket-Buying User Flow
  • Easily Accessible vs Hardly Accessible
  • Crowded vs Minimalistic Interfaces
  • Time to Access Purchased Tickets
  • Easy to Find Nearby Events vs No Ability
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Preparing the Journey

We mapped out a user journey that covers the entire process of buying a concert ticket from start to finish. This helps us get a handle on how users might use our product and lets us see how they move through it to achieve their goals.

Then, we put our ideas on paper with some wireframe sketches. This helped us start to see what the app design might look like in its early stages.

We took those paper wireframes and brought them into the digital realm using Figma. This allowed us to convert our initial concepts into low-fidelity digital wireframes, where we began outlining some of the initial user flows.


Once we had our prototype made using basic wireframes, we got together with 5 different people and had them try out various scenarios in the prototype. The goal was to collect valuable feedback that we can use for the next round of design improvements.

1. Slow checkout process.

It was found that there were too many checkout options, and that users would like a faster checkout process.

2. Unable to find location-based events.

It was found that there were too many checkout options, and that users would like a faster checkout process.

3. Unable to save payment information.

Users noted that they would like the ability to save their payment information, so that they do not have to re-enter it in the future.

4. Unable to find "send to friend" option.

Users noted it was not apparent where to locate the option to send tickets to a friend, so I made that simpler.

Challenge 1

Expedited Checkout Process

When you're in a rush to grab concert tickets, whether it's a last-minute decision or you're trying to snag seats for a hot event before they're gone, speed matters. By providing users with a straightforward and familiar ticket-purchasing process, we can help them get what they want more quickly.

Challenge 2

Instant Ticket Availability

When it comes to a fast checkout, getting your tickets instantly is vital. Whether it's a same-day event or a last-minute decision, you don't want to wait around. At beatSeat, we've got all the tickets ready to go, whether you're buying directly from us or from a reseller. You can count on instant access every time.

Challenge 3

See Seat View Before Buying

A bad view can really put a damper on your concert experience. That's why being able to preview your seat before you buy it, especially with expedited checkout, is a game-changer for ticket shoppers. Plus, users can even share photos of their seat view after the show, so future ticket buyers can get a sense of the view from various events over time.

Challenge 4

See Concerts Happening Around You

Part of the idea for beatSeat is the ability to buy last-minute tickets for shows around you, and a great way to do that is to see a map of all the upcoming events based on your location, all with one tap.

Style Guide

We chose a soothing blend of darker and calming colors for beatSeat because we wanted to convey a sense of tranquility and relaxation to our users. Our goal was to ensure that they don't feel rushed or stressed when purchasing last-minute tickets. The logo is designed to exude a friendly and inviting vibe, welcoming users to a pleasant ticket-buying experience.

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As someone who's passionate about attending concerts and deeply involved in music, beatSeat is a concept that holds a special place in my heart. I aimed to build an experience that resonated with concert-goers, offering familiarity while also delivering unique and enhanced features. This entire journey was a learning experience for me, and I can certainly envision applying these lessons to future projects. The concept of creating persona hypotheses to advance the goals was relatively new to me, but after putting it into practice, I've come to appreciate the significant value it brings, benefiting not only our users but also the business.