Sunfyre, the dynamic Twitch drummer, and I have teamed up to create a vibrant brand identity through logo designs, concert posters, merchandise, album art, and custom icons/emotes for Twitch and Discord.







Client Overview:

Meet Sunfyre, the fiery beat maestro who's been setting Twitch ablaze with electrifying drumming sessions and pulsating rhythms, comedy, and dancing. As Sunfyre's go-to design partner, I've had the pleasure of collaborating on an array of exciting projects over the years.

Concert Posters:

Every gig deserves a show-stopping poster that grabs attention and sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. Together, we've conceptualized and brought to life vibrant posters that hype up Sunfyre's performances and leave audiences counting down the days till showtime.


Whether it's rocking out in style with custom-designed t-shirts or decking out gear with eye-catching stickers, I've curated an array of must-have merchandise that lets fans wear their Sunfyre pride on their sleeves.

Album Art:

I've collaborated on striking album artwork that captures the essence of Sunfyre's music and adds a visual dimension to every auditory journey.

Twitch Iconography and Emotes:

For Sunfyre's loyal Twitch community, I've cooked up a smorgasbord of expressive icons and emotes that add flair to chat and showcase the unique personality behind the drumsticks.

Discord Iconography and Emotes:

Keeping the beat alive beyond Twitch, I've crafted a collection of Discord icons and emotes that infuse Sunfyre's server with personality and keep the rhythm going around the clock.

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