DoubleDoyle & Kind King

Michael Doyle, the talented guitarist and Twitch streamer, along with his band Kind King, has collaborated with me on various projects including logo designs, Twitch branding, concert materials, and merchandise, crafting a cohesive and captivating brand presence across platforms.




Michael Doyle & Kind King



Client Overview:

Rocking the virtual stage and airwaves, Michael Doyle, also known as DoubleDoyle, the virtuoso guitarist, and Twitch extraordinaire, alongside his band Kind King, have been instrumental in shaping a vibrant musical community. Together, we've embarked on an exciting journey, crafting a unified brand identity that resonates both on and off the screen.

Collaborative Ventures:

From designing sleek logos that embody DoubleDoyle's electrifying persona to creating captivating Twitch branding that keeps viewers engaged, our partnership has spanned a diverse array of projects.

Band Branding:

For Kind King, we've developed a distinctive brand identity that reflects their unique sound and vision, infusing concert materials, merchandise, and digital assets with an unmistakable flair.

Twitch Presence:

As DoubleDoyle captivates audiences with his mesmerizing guitar performances on Twitch, we've worked hand-in-hand to cultivate a dynamic online presence through custom emotes, overlays, and channel art.


Fans of DoubleDoyle and Kind King can show their support in style with an array of meticulously designed merchandise, including t-shirts, stickers, and more, all bearing the hallmark of our collaborative efforts.

Consistent Creativity:

Throughout our collaboration, our focus has been on maintaining consistency and authenticity, ensuring that every piece of branding and design reflects the passion and energy that DoubleDoyle and Kind King bring to their music.

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